Renee Handsaker

Renee Handsaker

Principal Restorative Justice Convener

Renee is a highly skilled facilitator specialising in restorative conferencing, conflict transformation and debriefing following traumatic incidents.

She has extensive experience working in government, non-government, secondary schools, private sector and community organisations, responding to individuals and groups experiencing trauma, distress and conflict.

Renee is an Expert Advisor to the Commonwealth Ombudsman’s Office to assist with the development and delivery of the Australian Defence Force’s Restorative Engagement program. As part of this program she facilitated restorative conferences between victims of abuse, bullying and harassment and senior representatives of the Australian Defence Force. Renee provided expert advice to support the design and implementation of RMIT University’s Restorative Engagement Program, as part of the institution’s response to sexual harm on University campuses. Following the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, Renee facilitated restorative engagement processes between institutions and adult survivors of child sexual abuse. Renee has conciliated meetings between patients, medical practitioners and health institutions to respond to medical harms and negligence. She was the principal facilitator for the CIJ’s Restorative Justice Pilot program, for people involved in serious motor vehicle collisions.

Renee is an accredited Mental Health Social Worker, with more than 15 years’ experience providing both crisis and longer term therapeutic expertise to individuals and families. Renee has a Masters of Narrative Therapy and Community Work.