Access to Justice, Design Thinking and Artificial Intelligence Forum

6 July 2016, 6:00PM-7:30PM

Is access to justice for all an impossible dream or can lawyers, design thinkers and experts in artificial intelligence bring it within reach?

Will courts be a place or a service that can deliver dispute resolution on-line 24/7? What role can on-line systems play in criminal matters? Will lawyers of the future need to be T-shaped? Can this technology help you and your clients? Glimpse the future of on-line dispute resolution (ODR) and discuss these and many other issues.Our key speakers are Peter Van den Biggelaar, the Executive Director of the Dutch Legal Aid Board, Maurits Barendrecht, the Research director at  HiiL  Innovating Justice and RMIT Alumni Nathan Welch, Experience Design Director at Isobar, a leading international design thinking agency.We will also demonstrate  Rechtwijzer 2.0 , the first online dispute resolution (ODR) platform for difficult problems such as divorce and separation, landlord-tenant disputes and employment disputes.


Auditorium, Storey Hall, RMIT University