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2019 Study Tour – we’re going to New York!

The CIJ is proud to be partnering with New York’s Center for Court Innovation to take our Innovative Justice Study Tour to New York City for the first time.

The week-long study tour for RMIT JD students will take in New York’s innovative and problem-solving courts and justice initiatives. Students will observe in practice new approaches to the organisation of justice systems and the delivery of legal services.


Dates: 24 – 28 June 2019 (Monday –Friday)

Number of places: 10

Staff attending: Rob Hulls, CIJ Director, and a CIJ staff member TBC

About the Center for Court Innovation: The CCI was established in New York in 1993 and has become a world-leading innovative justice research and practice organisation. The CCI uses restorative justice, community justice, preventive law and diversionary approaches to criminal justice. The CCI also runs the Red Hook Community Justice Center, the model on which Melbourne’s own Neighbourhood Justice Centre was based.  You can find out more about the CCI by visiting their website, and we highly recommend listening to their New Thinking podcast.

The 2019 Study Tour will include:

  • Observations at the Red Hook Community Justice Center
  • Observations at mental health and domestic violence courts in Brooklyn
  • A visit to a County Jail
  • A screening of the film Rikers and a Q&A with the filmmakers and those involved in the campaign to close NY’s notoriously violent prison on Rikers Island
  • Visits to community safety initiatives in the Bronx and Brownsville
  • Meeting judges who deliver innovative justice approaches in their courts in NY
  • Meeting researchers and program designers involved in developing smarter approaches to preventing and responding to crime
  • Group dinners
  • Time for sight-seeing
  • And much more!

Estimated costs:

In total, we suggest that students should be budgeting for around $5000 minimum. Some costs, such as some lunches and a group dinner will be covered by the GSBL.

Grants: The Graduate School of Business and Law is applying for the NY Study Tour to receive a Federal Government Endeavour Grant for international study. The application process is very competitive, but if successful, the grant awarded will be split between all students. Those grants are for up to $5000 per student.  We expect to find out the outcome of that application process in early 2019. If that application process is not successful, we will apply for a Global Mobility grant from RMIT, which is for a smaller amount, but will subsidise the cost of the trip.

Flights: Students will be responsible for booking their own flights. At the latest, we recommend students arrive in NYC by Sunday 23 June and don’t leave before Saturday 29 June.

Accommodation: RMIT travel policy is that students on global mobility tours should stay at the same accommodation for safety purposes. We are sourcing accommodation options that have a variety of rooms: single, twin, triple/quad share so that students can choose an accommodation option that suits their needs and budget. We will place a hold on a number of rooms and provide details of the accommodation to students once they are accepted on the Tour. It will be up to students to secure a room/rooms and arrange payment. We suggest that students do this as soon as you are accepted on the Tour.

Travelling with others: You are welcome to travel with family or friends but the tour will occupy your time between 8:30am and 5pm and some evenings. Your family/friends will not be able to accompany you on the formal tour activities.

Course details:

LAW2533 JD Study Tour (CIJ): Innovative Justice and Court Innovation RMIT JD elective — 12 credit points OUA students must enrol in the face-to-face course LAW2533. The only face to face attendance required is during the Study Tour.

Pre-requisite Courses and desired knowledge and capabilities:

LAW1019 Introduction to Australian Legal System and Legal Methods (required)

LAW2551 Innovative Justice (desired)

Course aims: The aim of the JD Study Tour is to introduce students to new approaches to the organisation of justice systems and the delivery of legal services, including innovative approaches that have been implemented in international jurisdictions. The course will assist students to develop an understanding of innovative justice, court innovation and affordable justice and to engage with legal and practical issues that may accompany the adoption of such practices in Australia.

Assessment All assessment takes place during Semester 2, after the Study Tour.

Assessment 1: Research proposal (10%)

Assessment 2: 10 minute oral presentation on research topic (10%)

Assessment 3: 6000 word research paper (80%)

Application process: Students must submit an application which includes:

A cover letter that: Lists the courses you have completed and those you plan to complete in 2019. Addresses your demonstrated interest in innovative justice approaches and how your attendance on the Study Tour might benefit you or others in the future.


Applications should be addressed to Anna Howard, Student Program Coordinator at Applications must be received by Monday 12 November at 5pm

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