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A note from CIJ’s Director

We are facing unique and difficult times with the onset of the Coronavirus here in Australia. Not only will COVID-19 change the way we operate as an organisation, but it will put added stress on everyone working in, or associated with, the justice system.

The CIJ will continue with its mission to create a justice system that can be a positive intervention in the lives of those who come into contact with it. We will continue to promote innovation, including therapeutic and restorative approaches within our justice system.

In the immediate future our staff will be working from home, with regular staff meetings to be undertaken electronically.

We will work with our co-located partners and justice stakeholders to ensure that smart and safe opportunities for our students can continue, albeit perhaps in different forms. We will also look at innovative ways the justice system can operate,  in the current uncertain environment, to appropriately meet the needs of the many vulnerable people that require its help.

The CIJ certainly believes that out of the current adversity comes the opportunity to research, advocate for and promote smarter ways of delivering better access to justice for everyone.

– Rob Hulls, Director, Centre for Innovative Justice