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Financial Counselling at LACW and MHLC!

The Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation has provided funding to the CIJ to employ a financial counsellor to deliver services to women in the criminal justice system affected by gambling.

The financial counsellor will be seconded to LACW and MHLC to add to the existing integrated practices that already see lawyers and social workers providing holistic support to women at both the Dame Phyllis Frost Centre, and in the community who are at the point of coming in to contact with the criminal justice system.

The complex links between gambling and involvement with the criminal justice system provide a unique opportunity to offer integrated support services and to address the underlying factors that lead to women’s contact with the justice system. These services seek to provide an intervention at the point of initial contact with the system, as well as support while in custodial environments.

In addition to financial counselling services, this position also provides an exciting opportunity for RMIT financial counselling students to complete their clinical placements at LACW and MHLC, overseen by the CIJ financial counsellor. These student placements will operate alongside and complement social work and law student placements.

We hope to have more details about these opportunities in the coming weeks.