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Student update for Semester 1, 2022

This semester the Centre are hosting two Bachelor of Social Work students on field education placements.

Gabby Vervoort and Mill Peterson are currently undertaking a scan of emerging literature on the impacts of COVID-19 on family violence risk presentations and related support needs, as well as the ways in which the family violence sector and related sectors adapted to maintain service continuity, meet demand and manage risk in the context of public health measures put in place in response to COVID-19.

We also have another six social work students who are completing their social work field education placements at our co-located partners the Law and Advocacy Centre for Women (LACW) and Youthlaw. Further, we have three Juris Doctor students completing a Business Internship Placement at LACW and three Juris Doctor Students completing Clinical Legal Education and a Business Internship at Youthlaw.

In deciding where to complete my second social work placement, what attracted me to apply for the Centre For Innovative Justice (CIJ) was the organisation’s person-centred approach to research and recognition of the value of lived experience knowledge. It has been a delight then, to observe how these values truly underpin the Centre’s work and are embodied within each of the team members. In learning about the various projects currently being undertaken, I have seen the ways research within the CIJ aims to be an empowering and inclusive experience for service users and how research findings are used to advocate for the needs of vulnerable groups.

Whilst the project I am currently working on as part of my placement at the CIJ does not involve working with service users, it has provided an invaluable opportunity to develop my research and practice skills. Working on a literature scan as part of the ‘Future-Proofing Safety Project’, I have vastly expanded my knowledge of the Family Violence sector and built-up confidence in planning, coordinating and conducting a collaborative research task.

Throughout my placement, the support from staff at the CIJ has been commendable as my supervisors have been open and compassionate in working with me to meet my learning and working needs. I regularly receive high-level feedback and there is a genuine interest in my professional development. The entire CIJ team has made me feel comfortable and welcome and a number of staff have taken the time to share stories of their working experience with me.

I am excited to see what is in store for the remainder of my placement and I am so grateful that I have been given such a valuable learning opportunity.

Gabby Vervoort, Bachelor of Social Work student