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Behind closed doors: Adolescent Violence in the Home (AVITH) during COVID & challenges to come

CIJ has partnered with the Centre for Family Research and Evaluation at drummond street services on this Issues Paper which examined the issue of adolescent violence in the home during COVID-19 lockdowns.

As part of our ongoing work around the issue of AVITH – both in terms of promoting the findings of the PIPA project and working with community service providers to develop more integrated responses – CIJ Associate Director Elena Campbell has partnered with the Centre for Family Research & Evaluation at drummond street services to release an Issues Paper examining the issue of AVITH during COVID-19 lockdowns.

This Issues Paper highlights an increase in prevalence and complexities of AVITH during Victoria’s restrictions, a challenge echoed by research emerging from the UK. With families experiencing AVITH also facing compounded disadvantage as a result of the pandemic, the data and practitioner observations included in this Issues Paper point to the need for urgent attention and accompanying resourcing for this under-examined and very complex community challenge – both now and over the longer term.

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Key People

Elena Campbell

Elena Campbell

Associate Director of Research, Advocacy & Policy

Elena is a lawyer, speechwriter and former political staffer who has worked in legal and social policy for over 20 years. Elena’s expertise includes therapeutic justice, women’s decarceration, equal opportunity and human rights, as well as the prevention and elimination of violence against women and children.

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