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Submission to crime statistics agency on the draft measure of crime harm – Feb 2020


Foundations for Family and Domestic Violence Perpetrator Intervention System – Dec 2019

Communicating with Victims about Resolution Decisions: A Study of Victims’Experiences and Communication Needs – A report for Victoria’s Office of Public Prosecutions – May 2019

Bringing pathways towards accountability together – Perpetrator journeys and system roles and responsibilities – Phase 2 – May 2019


Submission to the Queensland Parliament’s inquiry into the Human Rights Bill 2018 – November 2018

Curing violence: How we can become a less violent society – pages 35-39 – October 2018

Submission to the Sentencing Advisory Council’s inquiry into Restitution & Compensation Orders – October 2018

Counselling Order Review – Beyond ‘getting him to a program’ – October 2018

Court Support 4 Kids Evaluation Report  – October 2018

Court Support 4 Kids Needs Assessment – October 2018

Submission to the Australian Law Reform Commission’s review of the family law system – June 2018


Integrating the Indefensible – What Role Should the Community Play? Report for VACRO – December 2017

Criminal Record Discrimination Project – Woor Dungin – Submission to Aboriginal Justice Forum – December 2017

Submission to Victorian Law Reform Commission –Review of the Victims of Crime Assistance Act 1996 – November 2017

Compulsion, convergence or crime? Contact with the criminal justice system as a form of gambling harm – report for Victorian Responsible Gambling Foundation – October 2017

Recognition, Respect and Support, Enabling Justice for people with an Acquired Brain Injury full report – September 2017

Recognition, Respect and Support, Enabling Justice for people with an Acquired Brain Injury short report – September 2017

Submission to Coronial Council Appeals Review – May 2017

A Federal Charter of Human Rights – Would it make any difference? Student research project for the Australian Human Rights Commission – May 2017

Submission to Sentencing Advisory Council’s review of Swift, Certain and Fair Sentencing of family violence offenders – March 2017


Submission to the Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the Northern Territory – November 2016

Pathways towards accountability: mapping the journey of perpetrators of family violence – Phase 1 – Report to Department of Premier and Cabinet – October 2016

Multidisciplinary Response Models – Report to the Southern Melbourne Integrated Family Violence Partnership – September 2016

Final Report for Fair Work Commission –Evaluation of Pro Bono Program – September 2016


Submission to Victorian Law Reform Commission Review: The role of victims in the criminal trial process – September 2015

Submission to Family Violence Royal Commission – May 2015

Opportunities for early intervention: bringing perpetrators of family violence into view – March 2015


Innovative justice responses to sexual offending– pathways to better outcomes for victims, offenders and the community – May 2014


Affordable Justice– a pragmatic path to greater flexibility and access in the private legal services market – October 2013

Report for Fair Work Commission – Review of General Protections Pilot – July 2013

Assessment for the Fairwork Commission of Cooling Off Period Pilot in Unfair Dismissals Conciliation Process – March 2013