Study Tour

Our annual week-long study tour provides RMIT Juris Doctor students with an introduction to the theory and practice of court innovation and innovative justice for the legal practitioner. 

JD students at the Melbourne Drug Court, Melbourne Innovative Justice Study Tour July 2018

Students have the chance to see first-hand how alternative forms of justice work by visiting specialist courts including drug, family violence and mental health courts, as well as having opportunities to meet and hear directly from the people involved.

The Study Tour exposes students to Courts, programs and the people who run them, skilfully integrating innovative, evidence-based approaches into their practice. It provides opportunities for discussion with the judiciary, policy makers, service providers and other key stakeholders in the justice system.

Students observe new and cutting-edge approaches to the organisation of justice systems and the delivery of legal services.

You can find out more about our previous study tours via the Related Content section below, where there are blogs, student reflections, videos and podcasts from tours in New York, Melbourne and New Zealand.

Staff and students at the Center for Court Innovation, New York Study Tour June 2019.

Related Content


Course Overview

Further information about the course on the RMIT page

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New York Study Tour 2019 Blog

The latest from our inaugural New York Innovative Justice Study Tour!

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Justice in the USA – some lessons for Australia

Our Talking Innovative Justice podcast goes to New York, where CIJ Director Rob Hulls interviews social justice advocate and former Rikers Island Prison inmate Kathy Morse, and Vincent Schiraldi from Colombia University, about lessons Australia could learn from the American experience of mass incarceration.


2019 Study Tour – we’re going to New York!

The CIJ is proud to be partnering with New York’s Center for Court Innovation to take our Innovative Justice Study Tour to New York City for the first time.

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2018 Melbourne Innovative Justice Study Tour

Did you know that some of the best examples of innovative justice are right here in Melbourne?


New Zealand Study Tour insights published

RMIT University law and social work students recently undertook a week-long study tour to Auckland, New Zealand where they visited the Rangatahi Youth Court, Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment and the Court of New Beginnings.

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NZ study tour – a real eye opener

Just how innovative New Zealand's courts are came as quite a surprise to the RMIT law students who recently undertook a week long study tour.

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