Launch of the Multidisciplinary Practice

14 June 2016, 5:30PM-7:30PM

The CIJ has a vision for a multidisciplinary practice (or MDP) that will create life changing experiences for RMIT students from a range of disciplines including the Juris Doctor, Social Work, Justice and Criminology, Legal and Dispute Studies, and Paralegal students.

L-R: Kat Ogilvie, CIJ's Social Worker & Kerryn Pell, Masters of Social Work student who contributed to research that developed the case for a multidisciplinary practice at RMIT.

The capacity to work collaboratively in multidisciplinary teams is increasingly highly valued and is now regarded as critical to many professions.

Multidisciplinary Practice ties in with leading examples of best practice in professions such as social work and nursing, where clients are among the most vulnerable and disadvantaged members of the community. Complex social problems do not occur in isolation, and human services operate more effectively if professionals from different disciplines work together to solve problems collaboratively.

The understandings underpinning development of new modes of service delivery, and the nurturing of the right attributes in graduates to both drive and respond to this kind of innovation should be part of their formal education.

In this context, the CIJ formed a strategic partnership and co-location with the Mental Health Legal Centre to deliver multidisciplinary services to their clients. Beginning with law and social work, we envisage it opening up to other disciplines such as financial counselling.  The launch commenced with an open house invitation for people to visit the MDP premises, followed by the official launch by the Vice Chancellor and speeches by guest speakers, followed by networking over drinks and nibbles.


Pearson and Murphy
124 La Trobe St, Melbourne



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