The Centre for Innovative Justice researches, advocates and applies innovative ways to improve the justice system with a particular focus on therapeutic jurisprudence, restorative justice and non-adversarial dispute resolution.

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Review of the Literature on Integrated Social Work and Legal Practice

In Semester 2 of 2020, Master of Social Work students, Anushia Andrews and Lauren Tarver, completed a project-based Field Education 2 placement at the Law and Advocacy Centre for Women researching integrated practice, with a particular focus on social work support in community legal settings.

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Restorative Justice

Submission to the Victorian Law Reform Commission’s Inquiry into Improving the Response of the Justice System to Sexual Offences

The CIJ’s submission to the Victorian Law Reform Commission advocates for the use of victim/survivor focused restorative justice processes in response to sexual harm.

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Building a more ‘victim-led’ system means asking victims of crime what they want – Part One

In this two-part series, we share key findings from research conducted by the Centre for Innovative Justice in 2019, which involved in-depth interviews with 37 victims of crime across Victoria to understand what they wanted and needed from the victim services system, and whether it was meeting their expectations. We encountered a diverse range of needs and circumstances, as well as surprising insights into how we can improve support for people who have experienced crime.

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Behind closed doors – families experiencing adolescent violence must be remembered in the recovery effort

The use of family violence by children and young people has been a concern for some time. The Royal Commission into Family Violence dedicated specific recommendations to it, while growing research - including the PIPA project - points to the complexities across families experiencing this challenge.

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Family Violence

Behind closed doors: Adolescent Violence in the Home (AVITH) during COVID & challenges to come

CIJ has partnered with the Centre for Family Research and Evaluation at drummond street services on this Issues Paper which examined the issue of adolescent violence in the home during COVID-19 lockdowns.

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Social Work and Juris Doctor student 2020 reflections

Despite ongoing COVID restrictions, placements for RMIT Social Work and Juris Doctor students have continued throughout 2020, albeit from home. Social work student, Anushia Andrews, recently completed her placement at the Law and Advocacy Centre for Women and Juris Doctor student, Katrina Harte, recently completed a placement at the Young Workers Centre. Read their reflections on the challenges they faced and the innovative ways of adapting to undertaking a remote placement.

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Restorative justice in forensic mental health settings – report by student Eliza Hew

Historically, people with serious mental illness have not been included in restorative justice practices, with exclusion hinging on the assumption that this population do not have the capacity to meaningfully participate. More recently however, literature suggests that this assumption is unsubstantiated (and discriminatory); there exist significant potential benefits for patients, staff, victims and the broader community.

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Restorative justice can enhance the rights of people with a disability living in group homes

The justice system can on the one hand fail to recognise serious victimisation as criminal offending when experienced by people with disability, while being unable to imagine alternatives to the criminal justice system in responding to complexity.

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Uncle Michael “Mookeye” Bell shares his thoughts on Victoria’s Spent Convictions Bill

CIJ's Michael Bell talks with Connection Matters Radio about Victoria's new Spent Convictions Bill

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Victoria introduces spent convictions bill to parliament

CIJ's Stan Winford talks with The Wire's Steven Riggall about Victoria's new Spent Convictions Bill

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Open Circle internship – my experience

This piece is written by Juris Doctor & Masters of Social Work student, Eliza Hew, about her experience undertaking an online internship at CIJ's Open Circle.

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This echoes the CIJ's findings in the Victim Services Review - that victims of any crime, including children of homicide victims, need a single point of contact and specialist support - https://t.co/iMR48gtBVA
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"Our research highlights a significant subset of victims of crime for who intensive & holistic support remained crucial - a lack of social support networks meant they didn't always have a safe place to go after their experience" - CIJ's Riley Ellard https://t.co/iLZImtXv70
With the high rates of people with an ABI in our justice system, it's vital that the Independent Third Party is legislated to assist them at times of high stress & potential triggers #acquiredbraininjury @ResearchRMIT

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