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Lawyers urged to be at forefront of change

Our Director, Rob Hulls, recently spoke at the Law Institute of Victoria's Criminal Law Conference.

By Karin Derkley, Law Institute of Victoria News, 24 July 2023

Criminal lawyers need to be on the forefront of change in the justice system, Centre for Innovative Justice director and former Victorian Attorney-General Rob Hulls told last week’s LIV Criminal Law Conference in his keynote speech.

“Just because we’ve done things a certain way over a long period of time doesn’t mean that we should continue to do it that way. It needs people like you to speak out and lobby for change . . . Turn up and be a voice for change.”

For too long, he said, “the justice system has been designed by and for legal practitioners without too much of an eye to the end user. . . It’s up to you to ensure that your clients’ needs are more appropriately met. It’s their lived experience that really is at the forefront of law reform.”

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