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Forensic Disability Lived Experience Framework

The framework will be for Department of Families, Fairness and Housing (DFFH)’s forensic disability and complex needs services and will provide the department with a roadmap on engaging people with lived experience of intellectual disability and the criminal justice system in policy and service design work.

Government and community service organisations are increasingly looking to consult people with lived experience of systems on programs and policies as well as service design. While it is positive that the importance of lived experience is beginning to be recognised, it is clear from our early work with people with lived experience across service systems that much more is needed before the process of engaging people with lived experience in co-production can be effective, empowering, sustainable, and safe for all involved.

This project will create a strong foundation for this work in the Forensic Disability Program by identifying and establishing best practice. This project will articulate the principles that should underpin working with people with lived experience, the support they might need to participate, and the kinds of resources needed for engaging in this important work.