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Communicating with Victims about Resolution Decisions

Our Talking Innovative Justice podcast takes a look at the CIJ's study for Victoria's Office of Public Prosecutions.

Victims in the criminal justice system can be re-traumatised by the prosecution process. How can we go about reducing the adverse impact of this process on victims in the systems?

Here, CIJ Director Rob Hulls interviews Stan Winford, Nareeda Lewers & John Cain about their work to improve the experiences of victims who are affected by OPP decisions.


  • John Cain – Solicitor for Public Prosecutions
  • Rob Hulls – Director, Centre for Innovative Justice
  • Stan Winford – Associate Director of Research, Innovation & Reform, Centre for Innovative Justice
  • Nareeda Lewers – Senior Advisor, Research and Advocacy, Centre for Innovative Justice

You can access the full report via the link below.

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